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Youtube Channel

We started a youtube channel throughout the earlier parts of this season to inform and assist others who have been through a problem that we experienced. Each member has been allowed to offer their expertise on different topics, such as CAD, programming, building and other subjects. We did so since it helped both our spectators and the members of the team. By explaining the topic, the team member could better comprehend their topic and the other team members could also watch and study the video.

Pure Pursuit 
Core Values
Fusion 360
Engineering Notebook
CAD Demo
Motors and Encoders
CB Github Workflow
Basic Source Control
CB Journey

Library Presentations

Past Pit Presentations

Robotics Competitions
Intro to Basic Robotics
Gum Spring Library 
Salem Pit Presentation
Salem Pit Presentation Part 2

Past FTC Kickoff Presentations

         FTC Season 2019 - 2020 Kickoff 

         FTC Season 2018 - 2019 Kickoff 

Outreach Presentation 

Engineering Notebook Presentation 

Engineering Notebook 2017-18

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