Best Brains Summer Enrichment

Best Brains is an enrichment program designed to enhance your child's overall academic development. Board-certified teachers work with your child on a weekly basis in a fun-filled interactive learning environment.

We went to Best Brains once a week during the summer. At Best Brains, we taught kids ages 5-12 about robotics and the different aspects of S.T.E.M. We even taught them how to program and build EV3 robots and WeDo robots. Every week, we taught them a different science related topic such as Space or Weather. From there, we moved on to a Lego building activity which engaged their mind and forced them to be think outside the box. We end these classes by helping them build robots and teaching them a little programming theory. The programs we taught them are the EV3 Mindstorms software and the WeDo software.

Tigerden Summer Camp

Tiger Den Martial Arts has been a leader in the Taekwondo community for the past 20 years. Our classes are fun-filled and energetic and are perfect for all ages. Here at Tiger Den our programs are fun and innovative.  We have something for everyone – exciting seasonal camps, kindergarten enrichment programs, before and after school programs for elementary and middle schools.  

We showcased our robotic skills at Tigerden and they were impressed with it. Because of this, they gave us the opportunity of teaching their kids robotics and S.T.E.M. The kids there were ages 5-9. Since they were very young, instead of teaching them theory we made them participate in Lego building activities and we made them play various different games with our very own FTC robot. The Lego building activities we gave them stimulated their minds and made them show their creative sides. These activities include making them build a structure to protect our phones when we drop it from a height and building structures that would be able to sustain a certain amount of weight. We made them go through mazes and race our other robots. 

Inspiring Minds

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